4 Ways To Make Your Internet Connection Faster

Internet browsing is one of the most engaging activities we partake in everyday. The internet makes work and life in general fun and easy to live. Without the internet, one can only imagine how life would be. A very fast internet connection will make you appreciate the vast benefit the World Wide Web provides us. On the other hand, browsing the internet with a very slow internet connection will only make you suffer frustration and sum up to stress.

If you’ve once had a taste of slow internet connection before, or are currently experiencing a terribly slow internet experience, you will find the tips I’m sharing with you in this article extremely useful.

Clear Web Browser Cache

Browsing can become very slow when your web browser cache interferes in web page transition. Your web browser stores images of websites you visit on your hard drive to make the web page load faster the next time you visit it. This process will not allow your internet browser to load any new or fresh features of the website you are visiting which will affect the way your browser loads web pages.

You should clear your web browser cache frequently if you want your internet connection to perform optimally. You should also limit the amount of disk space your web browser uses to store cache pages so that your web browser does not use too much of your hard disk space than required.


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Clean-Up Your Computer

When a computer gets heavily cluttered with old files and programs that are no longer in use, it begins to perform terribly slow and this usually affects the internet browsing experience. With files and programs that are dormant occupying a significant amount of space on your hard disk, your computer is going to be responding slow and this will ultimately make your internet connection too slow.

You should take some time to sort out files and applications you think are not important on your computer and remove them from your hard drive to save more space and make your computer run faster. It’s only then that your internet connection speed will increase.

Host Your Heavy Files in the Cloud

We’ve all been hearing about cloud hosting and cloud computing for a while now and many of us are even using some cloud solution services. You can improve your internet connection speed by hosting some of the files that would consume more of your hard disk space and make your computer slow on the cloud.

When these files are stored in the cloud, you can still access them just like you would on your computer but they won’t be taking the space required to store them from your computer’s hard disk.

Stop Automatic Updates

Sometimes when your computer applications and programs are updating on the internet, it makes your internet connection become slow and make the experience a terrible one for you. You should always disable automatic update on your computer whenever you want to browse the internet to ensure nothing is downloading when you’re browsing the internet.

However, it is not advisable to keep your computer from updating automatically which is why you have to turn on the automatic update after you’ve finished browsing the internet and allow your computer to update for a few minutes before turning off the internet.


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