Why is Snovio Email Finder Better Compared To Other Tools?

I have been using Email Finder of Snovio for the last six months and I am really satisfied with its features. It is an innovative tool that I would recommend to any online business. You can search for emails associated with any domain name or company using this tool. This lets you promote the products and services to top-notch clients. I’ve never known that my business could grow so much just with simple email marketing. Rather than opting for paid ads and other ways of marketing, I think this is much simpler and effective. Thanks to Snovio for bringing such innovative and useful tools in the market.

Features which make it an excellent choice:

1. Domain-based search: you can easily find all email addresses that are associated with a domain name. This lets you reach out to the top level management, too. On top of it, you have the benefit of doing a bulk domain search. So your search gets done in a matter of a few minutes and then you can prepare the email marketing strategy pass to the next of it – check email addresses.
2. Search company profiles: the database of Snovio lets you search, find, and sort companies based on the size, industry, name, location and a lot more. So you can find prospects that would be interested in your products and services.
3. Name-based search: if you are not aware of the email address of the prospects whose name and the company you already have, you can get them by using the email finder tool. This will help you pitch a lot more clients and help you increase the sales manifold.
4. Boolean Search feature: with the Boolean search feature you can search multiple lead sources for the prospects and perfect candidates. This Boolean search and filters can be done based on the position, location, and skills.
5. Amazing extension: the Email Finder is available as an extension for the Chrome browser. So you don’t need to download any software that will occupy the computer’s memory. It works well with any operating system, you just need a browser. With this extension, you can easily find emails related to any domain on any website. It is simple to use, just visit a website and click the Snovio extension icon and you will get a list of emails. Select the emails you would need and then save them to your mailing list.
6. The professional social network search: the extension also allows you to do a bare search on Linkedin. You can get email addresses of companies, people, and group members and add them to the list for email marketing. Apart from that, you can get an email list based on the Google search topics too. It works accurately to show emails and prospects from websites which you get in search results of Google. This extension ensures that you have fast access to emails on any social networking website.

Wrapping up

If you too want to give a big leap to your business and make optimum use of your marketing investment, you must definitely use this service. The automation tool will save you time searching for prospects and reaching the right people.


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