Beginners Guide & Tips to Start a Small Business Online

Knowing the Internet better

Internet is a network of networks and it consists of many network technologies connected together. Before starting a business there are many thing you must look for like the competitors, understanding social networks etc.Social media helps in promoting your business online like creating a facebook page and then gaining lots of likes and followers to it to make your business grow online.You can also attract customers online via Facebook/Twitter by giving them discount or coupon codes.

Register your Domain name

Domain name is the name of your website which you type in the address bar of the browser and always choose a catchy branding name to help people remember your address. Find a good domain registrar like Godaddy etc. to get domains at a cheap price.Do not register a free domain which will be stuffed with ads on your webpages, instead buy a root domain for ex ( not choose a big name with lots of special characters in your domain giving the user some typing error while entering the domain name .let it be simple it is the Key.


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Find a good web Host

Finding a good host for your website is really important which helps your site to load fast and have a good server side features like good bandwidth and lesser server crashes. Examples are Hostgator, Bluehost etc. If your website is getting a huge visits try switching to a dedicated server or a VPS one.This will avoid crashing your website if there are  huge no visitors.

Using good business tools and Software

Using a good business software will help your business grow to a good level. Use a professionally built software which has good set of features like SMS softwares, online booking softwares etc. Use small business phone systems to help your business via voice to voice communication through phones which has many features like call forwarding etc to forward calls to you cell phones when you are not at your desk .

Online payments and Delivery methods

Most of the business are done and paid online ,hence you must have an online payment service attached to your bank to get payments online internationally. Sites like PayPal,  Google checkout will help you in it.Once the payment is made you must also provide a good delivery method like shipping, online to make sure the product reaches the customer.


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