Five Ways To Stay Active Even On Your Busiest Days

The importance of physical activity for whole body health can never be stressed enough. people always seem to have excuses for not exercising, but there are so many easy ways to simply sneak some exercise into your daily life.

You don’t have to join a gym in order to get fit and enjoy the benefits of exercise. All you really need to do is be a little creative and find a way to get some exercise when you can. That may mean jogging instead of walking or parking on the opposite side of the parking lot.

Get Up Earlier For Exercise

If you feel like you never have time to exercise, you may need to start waking up earlier each day to be able to fit in some fitness. With that extra hour or two you could go for a walk, take up cardio in your own living room, or you could actually fit in gym time.


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Take The Stairs

Don’t waste time in the elevator. Instead, give your legs, heart, and lungs a good workout by taking the stairs. This is a great way to burn calories. You can also park farther from your work to get in a walk.

Workout While You Wait

Standing in a long line? Do some leg lifts. Waiting for a work call and don’t want to get engrossed in your next project? Try working out at the office. You can do chair squats, leg lifts, desk or counter push ups and much more. Get creative with it.

Put Some Pep In Your Step

When you do need to walk somewhere, whether you are walking through the mall, the grocery store, or walking to the office, speed it up. Speed walking gets your heart rate up, which is how you know you’re burning calories.

Simply getting your heart rate up helps with breathing and increasing your lung capacity, it warms your muscles up so you start toning them, and it also helps get your blood pumping so you have a healthy heart.

Play With The Kids Or Family Pet

You may not have time for exercise, but you need to make sure you have time for your kids and pets. Use your playtime with your children as a fun and free way to get a good workout. Play tag, hide and seek, or just dance with them to some fun music. These are all great cardio workouts.

The same goes with pets. Take your dog for a walk because he need exercise just as much as you do. Even playing fetch or frisbee gives you a small workout.

Trying to fit fitness in each busy day may seem overwhelming at first, but once you realize there are easy ways to get fit and fit exercise into your day-to-day schedule you’ll be less intimidated and you’ll start getting fit and healthy!


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